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Meet Tammy Swailes

Tammy serves as regional director for INSTE in Europe, assisting the INSTE programs in Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, France, Spain, England, and a Central Asian country. Tammy oversees the translation of the INSTE books and materials into Ukrainian, Romanian, and a Central Asian language.

She said, "As INSTE (Institute of Theology By Extension) Director for Europe, I am privileged to witness many people from many cultures grow in their Christian walk and follow God’s call into leadership, and to see the Church strengthened. When I was appointed as an Open Bible missionary and came to Eastern Europe in 1999 to begin the INSTE program in both Hungarian and Russian, I didn’t know how rewarding and how challenging this would be. First I learned Hungarian, and coordinated the translation of INSTE into Hungarian – thus began INSTE in Hungary. When that task was passed along to another missionary, I moved to Ukraine and repeated the process in the Russian language, and then into the Ukrainian language. We have completely translated the INSTE materials in both the Russian and Ukrainian languages – all 28 books – enabling students in Ukraine to study in their preferred language. I travel many miles promoting the INSTE program and speaking to pastors interested in using INSTE in their churches. More than 1,800 students – in churches that range from very conservative to very charismatic – have enrolled in INSTE over the years."

The translation of INSTE Level One into Romanian is complete, but Tammy continues to travel to Romania to train and encourage the national leadership. She is pursuing contacts in Russia for INSTE, too, praying for God’s person and timing. The process of translating INSTE into an unnamed Central Asian language has also begun, and pilot groups have begun with that people-group.

Christian Education on the mission field is Tammy's passion. She loves languages, working cross-culturally, coordinating translation teams, setting up systems for operating, training leaders, making books, visiting groups, assisting group leaders, and promoting INSTE. INSTE fits her to a tee!

Website: http://tswailes.blogspot.com

Email: swailes@openbible.org

Twitter: @tswailes

Facebook: http://facebook.com/tswailes

Read her most recent newsletter here!

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