Road to Racial Reconciliation Bible Study


The purpose of Open Bible Churches’ Unity Commission is to lovingly encourage and assist Open Bible ministers and, by extension, churches in being sensitized to the continued reality of racial bias and discrimination. We believe all ministerial leaders must be invited and challenged to recognize the continued legacy of racism that scars relationships and communities today and to stand and speak against blatant racism as well as subtle racial and cultural bias and discrimination. Leaders must lead.

The Unity Commission is not politically oriented. Our commitment is to be biblically oriented in pursuing justice and racial reconciliation. If a political party or organization happens to stake out a position that is similar to the Commission’s biblical cause, that’s great, but that does not mean the Commission is also politically driven. We seek to be open to the introspective help of the Holy Spirit and to please Him by identifying where we fail to be intentional in speaking on behalf of people who experience racial bias and discrimination. That can include discovering where we may have blind spots in recognizing racial insensitivity and bias.

With that in mind, the Unity Commission is pleased to provide you with a free download of its Bible study, Road to Racial Reconciliation. Commission members Kwabea Francis, Candi Hagan, and Gary Wyatt, along with the skilled assistance of Hannah Bemis, who served as copy editor, authored this Bible study. Nothing would please the Unity Commission more than for you to make use of Road to Racial Reconciliation. We invite you to prayerfully ask the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart as you do this study, asking Him to show you how and where He can use you to build bridges for racial reconciliation.

President Randall A. Bach



Kwabea Francis


"Working on the Unity Bible study with my ‘brothers and sisters from another mother’ was enlightening, invigorating, and outright challenging at times. Each feeling stirred a hope and encouragement towards the ultimate unity possible through the working of the study. "





Candi Hagan


"I was honored to be a part of this process, and through it I grew tremendously and gained a perspective from my teammates that I will cherish. The relationships that were built in the midst of this Bible study and our love for Jesus are the backbone of this project. I am humbled that the Lord would give me the opportunity to be part of creating this study."






Gary Wyatt


"I was honored to play a role in creating a Bible study that sheds the Kingdom's light on ways for racial reconciliation within the body of Christ. I hope and pray that these studies will accomplish our Father's will in bringing all of His people together as one, one faith step at a time."






Hannah Bemis

copy editor

"I was so glad our movement is responding with compassion for members of our Open Bible family who have suffered from racial disunity. The writing of this Bible study has come with much prayer, dialogue, and relationship building. It has been good, hard work, and it’s been my honor to be part of the process."