We Believe For Kids

We want to help you discover truth. That’s why we are so excited to share with you We Believe For Kids! This course will help you answer questions such as “Who is God?” “Who Am I?” and “Why Am I Here?” This course is designed to present you with information that will help you make your own decisions about what you believe, and to make those decisions based on truth.

Why Am I Here - Book 3


What's Inside?


Lesson 27: Future Events

Lesson 28: The Church

Lesson 29: Community Life/Government

Lesson 30: Sex/Marriage/Purity

Lesson: 31: Review


Lesson 32: Purpose for Life

Lesson 33: The Call of God

Lesson 34: Evangelism/Missions

Lesson 35: Book Review

Lesson 36:Course Review

Celebration Service!


  Download the Certificate of Completion for your student's who have completed the class!

Book 3 - Why Am I Here_Certificate of Completion [Download]


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  • Journal for Students (all in color) - Full-Color Student's Journal (printed copies)
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  • PDF Kit - Full-Color Teacher's Guide and Full-Color Student's Journal sent electronically in PDF form. This option will require churches to print their own copies for students and teachers.

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We Believe for Kids - Why Am I Here - Journal for Students (all in color)


We Believe for Kids - Why Am I Here - Journal for Students (black and white)


We Believe for Kids - Why Am I Here - PDF Kit


We Believe for Kids - Why Am I Here - Teacher's Guide