We believe that the ENVIRONMENTS you put yourself in and the PRACTICES you incorporate into your life are significant keys to growing in your faith. Jesus never asked His followers to just believe something. He wanted them to become something. In other words, Christianity isn’t an ideology, it is a lifestyle. That’s why we challenge people to be “6S” followers of Jesus.

In the graphic above, you can see what each of those “S” words are. On the left are three ENVIRONMENTS (Sunday, Small Group, Serving) in which we believe every Christian should plant themselves. On the right are three key PRACTICES (Scripture, Sharing, Stewardship) that will cause a Christian to grow in their faith. Together, these 6Ss can bring transformation to someone who wants to follow Jesus. Someone once said, “You can’t expect what you don’t inspect.” If you don’t set a goal and then measure your progress, it’s hard to identify growth in your life. A scale will help you determine if you're losing weight. Your bank statement helps you examine your financial situation. In the same way, measuring your engagement with the 6Ss can help you identify growth in your spiritual life.