My Healthy Church 

Dear Open Bible Family, 

I am pleased about Open Bible’s partnership with My Healthy Church. It enables us to serve you with resources that we would not otherwise be able to produce. And, the curriculum, tools, and other helps are all designed for Spirit-led churches. We are people of the Spirit! Never has Jesus’ command to make disciples been more critically important and needed than today. The forces of evil have been surging. But we serve a mighty God and, empowered by the Spirit to mature people in Christ and ground them in God’s Word, we will be overcomers. 

My Healthy Church provides resources for all age groups, including innovative and contemporary digital animations for children. I especially encourage you to see what is available for kids. The resources are fresh, technologically current, captivating, and practical. You can conveniently obtain My Healthy Church resources either online or by telephone. 

To check out the array of resources and order, visit or call 855.642.2011. Thank you for all that you do in obedience to Christ’s command to make disciples.

In His Service, 
Randall A. Bach, President