Empowering a New Generation of Leaders through Community, Cause and Calling


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We are at a strategic hinge in American history. The Boomer generation that has long dominated leadership and culture during virtually the entirety of its adulthood, is aging and stepping off center stage. Meanwhile, many members of Generation Z (twenty-somethings) are becoming the leading edge of a new religious description in America, the “Nones.” Nones have no religious preference, preferring an eclectic, mix-your-own religious outlook and philosophy. At the moment a massive turnover of church leadership is underway the potential successor pool has been dwindling, unless we proactively reverse that trend.

God continues to call people to follow Him, and that includes Gen Z. However, many members of Gen Z are drifting, unsure of their purpose and usefulness in life. They need something, more like Someone, to seize their hearts with mission, energy, and a sense of purpose. They can be won and discipled and developed into a new vanguard of dedicated servants for the Lord. But we must make that vision a priority.

Movement is Open Bible Churches’ ministry to mobilize Generation Z and their leaders, to empower a new generation of leaders to lead in the local church, the marketplace, Open Bible Churches, kingdom of God, and every arena they influence.

Our vision is to EMPOWER a new generation of leaders through building Community, NETWORKING and EQUIPPING them to ENGAGE in the Cause of Christ, and ENCOURAGE them to utilize their Calling and unique gifts to reach people, influence culture, IMPLEMENT new ministries, and to lead the church.

It takes funding to develop, implement, and lead ministries to reach a generation. The way funding will be generated for Movement is simple – when individuals and churches catch a vision to reach, develop, and mobilize a new generation of leaders. 

Movement is working to identify key new generation leader prospects, to encourage, help to disciple, and develop them for leadership on behalf of God, in whatever field they may serve Him. Led by Pastor Michael Nortune, Movement is designed to guide a generation to embrace community, cause, and calling

Are you in? Are you ready to send a message to a new generation that there are people who believe God can and will use them for His glory? Are you ready to help support Movement leadership in identifying, reaching, cultivating, and developing a new generation of leaders?



"When it comes to God’s plan for our future, I have a conviction that our dreams are bigger than our memories and greater than our realities. The future of the church is not built “in” the future but is built on the foundations of our past and the passion of hearts today. In order to Make Disciples, Plant Churches and Develop leaders we must together begin to intentionally look for ways to raise and release young leaders to fulfill their call in every arena of culture and God’s Kingdom in which they find themselves in. We are convinced that we must sow and invest now to see a fruitful harvest in the days ahead. The Movement in Open Bible will create a network of young leaders through building Community, identifying with a Cause greater than ourselves, and joining together to Contribute in significant ways. Thank you for dreaming, believing and praying with us. We are better together, stronger together and will have greater impact together. Tomorrow Starts Today!!"

- Pastor Michael Nortune