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Communication is key in sharing the gospel. Our Communications Team would love to help your church out in this area by sharing these and other resources with you!

Statement of Faith brochure

For people that want to know what Open Bible believes, you can provide them with a contemporary brochure. The Statement of Faith brochure comes in sets of 25 at $6.25 per set (plus shipping).

Discover Open Bible booklet

This booklet provides a short and concise description about Open Bible Churches. Most people without an Open Bible background do not have a clue about who we are. Some think we are a publishing company. Some think we are associated with fundamentalist “Bible” churches. Others think any number of things. This booklet helps you to show them that we are a living organism of churches and ministers, Bible-centered and Spirit-empowered. The Discover Open Bible booklet comes in sets of 25 at $11.25 per set (plus shipping).


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Discover Open Bible booklet


Statement of Faith brochure