CFCI Trip Opportunities

For over 20 years, Christ For the City International (CFCI) has provided churches, teams, and individual Christians with the greatest of all adventures: customized missions trips that transform lives and cities for the glory of God.

CFCI's Global Teams program sends dozens of teams on fully-customized mission trips each year to their missionary bases .

CFCI will work with your team, based on your team's skills, strengths, abilities, and time frame, to create a meaningful experience complete with orientation, ministry projects, debriefing, and sightseeing.

Your team will travel to either Costa Rica or El Salvador, experience new cultures, be immersed in local communities, and have the opportunity to live out and discover how you can make a difference. 

CFCI takes care of all in-country logistics and each trip will be led by a missionary on the field. You will work with locals, churches, and pre-existing ministries so that your missions trip will have an on-going community impact once you return home. 

There is also the opportunity to join a team as an individual or couple, which are made up of like-minded people from all around the world.

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