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Open Bible Chaplain Ministries offers denominational endorsements for many types of chaplain opportunities from chaplains who provide ministry within the armed services (whether to the active or reserve component) to chaplains who work with community police, fire departments or first responders, to chaplains who provide ministry to the American workforce as chaplains to the marketplace. No matter the type of chaplain, the man or woman who provides this unique ministry brings hope, comfort, and encouragement to those who are hurting, frightened, or broken.

Open Bible’s chaplains bring the “ministry of presence” to workplaces, hospitals, emergency services departments, the military, and other strategic locations. For more information about Open Bible’s Chaplain Ministries, please contact

CH (COL) Terry Meek, USA (Ret)

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Open Bible and Marketplace Chaplains Partnership

The workplace environment has been referred to as the largest mission field in the world. Marketplace Chaplains exists to share God’s love in the workplace by providing an employee care service through chaplain teams. Since 1984 Marketplace Chaplains has served public and private companies, small and large, in all industries in the U.S., serving auto dealers, banks, food processing and distribution firms, manufacturing, mining, technical companies, and many more. More than 1,400 chaplains now serve from California to Massachusetts, providing personal care for more than 710,000 employees and family members. Every four minutes an employee reaches out to a chaplain.

Listen to what John Sala of Marketplace Chaplains has to say about this ministry. 

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Marketplace Ministries provides a flexible schedule for chaplains by providing limited part-time hours. Whether you are a pastor seeking some extra income or a church planter who needs access to public venues or someone who has a sincere desire to minister comfort, healing, and grace to a broken world Marketplace provides access to both flexible hours and to the community’s workforce. See what access looks like.


Kwabea Francis

Open Bible Churches

Director of Operations South Region

"Marketplace Chaplains has challenged me but also allotted me the opportunity to be a light for Jesus outside the church. Recently I was visiting a work site and upon my greeting, an employee stated he felt much better whenever I visited. It was a humbling reminder of the presence of Holy Spirit when serving at different work sites."

Click to hear Kwabea share about her experience.

Chaplains minister to the needs of employees by listening to and helping them through difficult personal and family situations such as parenting, stress, finances, aging parents, marriage, and other relationships. Chaplain teams also support employees and family members through illnesses, deaths, funerals, and other times of grief. Chaplains may be called upon to visit employees or family members in hospitals, nursing homes, funeral homes, or jails. Chaplains receive training before they begin to serve as caregivers to the marketplace. Listen to what chaplain care is all about.

Because of Open Bible’s partnership with Marketplace Chaplains, when Marketplace needs a chaplain, Open Bible ministers are considered prime prospects. If you believe God is calling you to the mission fields of the American workforce inquire below.



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