church & Minister Care

Open Bible Churches is committed to ministerial soul care, tending to the inner person with personal care, encouragement, support, accountability, counsel, training, coaching, and personal connection with supportive peers and leaders.Isolation is the pastor’s enemy. Life, ministry, other obligations, personal fatigue, and many other factors can contribute to a pastor’s isolation. But it is in isolation that the enemy of our souls specializes in tearing at our souls. God said, in the Garden of Eden, “It is not good for man to be alone.” That applies to pastors. A spouse was a great start, but connection with other people who also resource a pastor is additionally important. Ministers are not alone – unless they choose to be – when they are part of the Open Bible family of ministers.

Affiliated churches are able to draw upon counsel, training opportunities, resources, coaching for visionary strategies, assistance with conflict resolution, and better opportunities to make a significant difference for Christ in partnership with fellow Open Bible churches than a lone church could. In addition to this ongoing joy of connection, churches can face difficult times when it is especially helpful to have a covering with loving and wise leaders whose passion is for every church to be vibrantly fruitful.