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 Meet Andy and Nancy


Andy and Nancy are Open Bible missionaries to West Africa,  in the 10/40 Window. In the early 1990s, the Lord called them to go and live among the people of an Islamic nation with several unreached people groups. They have seen several Muslim friends come to faith in Christ. Now these believers share their faith and the church is beginning to multiply.

Andy and Nancy have served among the poor, ministering to them through literacy, health, and other community development projects.  Now they are encouraging the growth of a network of churches by equipping the leaders and working with others to develop better discipleship and leadership development tools for their churches. Consequently, they are involved in developing the Arabic INSTE program, which they believe will be an effective tool in the Arab world. This new focus will benefit not only the people they have worked among for twenty years, but also other churches with similar Arabic-speaking ethnic backgrounds.

Another goal of theirs is to encourage and inspire more young people to obey the Great Commission, become disciples of Christ, and plant churches. They say, "Together we can finish the task of taking the Good News to the remaining 6, 900 unreached people groups."



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