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The war in Syria has led to the worst humanitarian crisis of our time. More than half the population of Syria are in need of urgent assistance. Four out of five Syrians are living in dire poverty and unemployment has increased to well over 50 percent. Syrians in displacement camps face overcrowding, inadequate access to basic services, high food prices and an increase in competition for limited job opportunities. Many refugees live in urban areas outside of the camps with little to no savings, dwelling in makeshift shelters without access to running water and heat. The needs of Syrian refugees are pervasive and urgent.

 "Open Bible has partnered with World Relief, an agency of the National Association of Evangelicals, for many years. World Relief’s track record is solid with compassion and integrity. I was so pleased to learn that World Relief has put a plan into action that centers on partnerships with churches. World Relief is serving displaced populations with immediate needs by empowering local churches to minister to these hurting populations in Jordan, Northern Iraq, Turkey, and in the United States."

– President Randall A. Bach, Open Bible Churches