Dear Pastor

Open Bible Churches’ mission is to globally Make Disciples, Develop Leaders, and Plant Churches. The vision for how this mission is accomplished will not look the same for all churches. Churches are not clones of each other; however, our mission is central to what all Open Bible Churches ultimately do. It is our common quest.

I want to challenge your church to set Vision25 goals in five vital areas to be accomplished by 2025. This is doable for your church because you don’t have to pursue some other church’s goals, just your own. Here are the goal areas, along with a challenge:

I invite your church to set goals for growth beyond your most recent tracking report, 2018-2019, to be reached by the end of 2025. These are the five areas that are pivotal to accomplishing our mission.

1.    Decisions for Christ

% Increase __________ Suggest not less than 10%

In 2018 there were 5,742 decisions for Christ through the ministries of Open Bible churches across the U.S. Just a 10 percent increase in that amount by 2025 would mean that we would reach an average of 6,300 souls annually for Christ!

2.    Baptisms in the Holy Spirit                      

% Increase __________  Suggest not less than 10%


3.    New Credentialed Ministers                  

Number  __________ Suggest not less than 1


4.    Parent/Partner in a New Church Plant       

Number  __________ Suggest not less than 1


5.    MVP contributions                                      

% Increase __________ Suggest not less than 20%


Let’s take a look at the big picture with Vision25 goals: If all Open Bible churches make the effort to set and meet goals on the church level then our combined productivity will help Open Bible make a bigger difference for Christ, both in the U.S. and around the globe. In fact, here is what can happen:

We now have 238 affiliated Open Bible Churches. By 2025 we could grow to 280 churches, which means a bigger footprint that will lead to more disciples, more people being baptized in the Holy Spirit, more leaders developed, and more churches planted. It will create new momentum.


Also we now have 756 credentialed ministers, but that is an aging population. We need a fresh influx of new ministerial blood! With all Open Bible churches setting goals to raise up one or more new ministers by 2025, we could reach 830 ministers or more. That is within reach!


In 2018 Open Bible churches and individuals contributed over two million dollars to our Mission Venture Plan. A 20 percent increase in giving by 2025 would increase MVP giving by almost a half million dollars, providing more fuel for making disciples around the globe, developing leaders, and planting churches.


OK, there is the heart of Vision25. It is doable. In fact, some people might be thinking, “Well, those suggested goals are not really much of a stretch.” Great analysis! These goals are an encouragement for churches that basically need to begin moving forward. Your church may be able to do much more, and will, if you extend faith and appropriate the anointing of the Holy Spirit. So don’t allow our suggestions to hold back your faith or limit your vision. Go ahead and aim much higher!

Here is what I am asking you to do: Write down your goals. It is so simple but so important. In Habakkuk we read: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.”

Let’s do that! Write down the vision, make it plain, and run after it! Below is a Vision25 goal-setting form that you can submit on-line or download the PDF. I am asking that you prayerfully set your Vision 25 goals and submit them to your region by September 10. You need to hear this from me: We will affirm churches that achieve and surpass their goals but will not call out or shame churches that do not achieve their goals.

Thank you for accepting this goal-setting invitation and challenge. I commend every church for setting goals! May we share in the joy of more disciples made, more leaders developed, and more churches planted because of Vision25!

You can download the fillable PDF form here