From the President about Race and Justice

"Deeply Saddened by their Hard Hearts"

By President Randall A. Bach


For those of us who have not experienced biased treatment or abuse because of our race, we do not fully understand. We can be distant with our emotions and even dismissive in our analysis of bias that occurs or, even if sorrowful -- silent in response. All of which translates into insensitivity, a base, white-to-black, human-to-human offense. May the Lord search our hearts and show us where we are indifferent or insensitive. May our hearts ache because of bias as we also declare wrong as wrong. Let justice be served when violence is perpetrated because of race. We can no longer be silent when racism or abuse of power afflict citizens of this nation.

On behalf of the ministers and churches of Open Bible Churches, I express deep sorrow and compassion for people who have suffered because of who they are, not because of what they have done. It was said of Jesus concerning the Pharisees, “He looked around at them angrily and was deeply saddened by their hard hearts” Mark 3:5 (NLT). I believe Jesus is also angry and deeply saddened by hard hearts today that cause enmity, suffering, and death. We stand with Jesus, grieve over suffering, and call for justice. We, the ministers and churches of Open Bible Churches, resolve to stand with men and women, young people, and children of all colors and ethnicities and language groups, children of God who are worthy of love, respect, and the freedoms extolled by this nation.