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Mike and Dara Rasavanh had been serving as Pastors at Lifesong Church in Des Moines for many years when they decided to go into Missions in Thailand. Ly and Sarin Mak, former members of their church had been seeing great success in Cambodia, and there was a longing on their heart to go minister in Asia as well.

When they made the decision to go to Thailand, they knew what they were up against. A nation that is 1.3% Christian and is deeply rooted in Buddhism. Quickly they learned that building a church would be difficult, as it is illegal for a foreigner to own property. They did the only thing they knew how to do, pray.

In 2022, God showed up in a big way and a member of their church donated a property, and from their the vision became a fulfillment.

Mike and Dara are eager to build a church, and MOVE is excited to partner with them in a nation that desperately needs churches. In the future, they also hope to build a school, similar MOVE's 2019 project in Cambodia, Lifesong Learning Center.