Mike & Pam Lumbard (Trinidad & Tobago)



Our passion is to raise up the next generation of missionaries! We are establishing a missions training school in the country of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. This is a partnership between Global Missions and the Open Bible Churches in Trinidad and Tobago.


The School of Global Leadership – Trinidad is a missions training school that provides a cross-cultural, hands-on, learning and living environment that will help propel students to leadership roles around the world. SGL includes a 16-week missions intensive, which, if desired, can be followed by a 16-week missions internship. Those who require more missions training can stay longer in Trinidad or possibly intern on another missions field or be considered for support staff positions with SGL. We are also partnering with local churches to train and equip their people in the area of missions.

Students learn missions principles in a classroom setting and then they apply those principles in practical ministry around Trinidad and Tobago. The ministry opportunities are as varied as the God-given gifts that have been placed in each student. Some of those opportunities are teaching/speaking, soup kitchens, children’s ministries, children’s homes and outreaches to Hindus and Muslims.

Those returning for the missions internship will focus on a specific country. Part of their internship will involve traveling outside Trinidad to that country. Another part of our ministry is hosting short-term missions trips. There is an important place for short-term trips; however, there is a great need to raise up long-term missionaries to fulfill the Great Commission! Trinidad continues to amaze us as a great missions training environment.

There is great diversity among the religious, economic, and ethnic facets of life here. This makes it a solid stepping stone for those interested in taking Jesus to the world!