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*Discounts apply only to purchasers who login, or create and order through a free MyOBC account.


*Discounts apply only to purchasers who login, or create and order through a free MyOBC account.


*Discounts apply only to purchasers who login, or create and order through a free MyOBC account.


*Discounts apply only to purchasers who login, or create and order through a free MyOBC account. GET A FREE LEADER'S GUIDE WITH THIS OPTION!*

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As a new Christian, do you wonder what God expects from you? Or maybe you still have questions you need answered before you commit your life to Christ. We Believe: Core truths for Christian Living is our attempt to provide answers to these types of question – to provide a solid foundation for those new to the faith and those still considering it. The material for We Believe can be studied independently or in a group setting. If studying independently, we suggest reading one chapter per setting, taking time to contemplate the questions at the end of each chapter. Ministry leaders or teachers may want to present the material for We Believe in a group setting. If so, you will want to order enough books for each member of your group and download the digital Leader’s Guides PDF. 

The digital Leader’s Guide includes:

  1. PDF class outline for each chapter
  2. Video introductions for each chapter
  3. PowerPoint screen slides that present main points and positions
  4. Lists and links to additional resources

One digital Leader's Guide may be copied to be used by more than one ministry/group in your church.  Please see copyright information below.

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All of the contents of this package are licensed exclusively for your church only, for use in your church ministries such as Sunday school Classes, Bible studies, small groups, branch churches, and prison and other outreach ministries. You may print copies of the material for exclusive church use or store the flies on a computer for church use only. Any printed copy must include copyright information.

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