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RENUEVOS — La Carpio, Costa Rica
Christ For the City International (CFCI) works in 16 nations, with more than 500 workers bringing the transforming love of Jesus Christ through a huge variety of ministries. CFCI has been operating Community Transformation Centers (CTCs) for over 20 years. CTCs are specific buildings or centralized locations out of which a number of ministries and activities are operated. These CTCs meet the needs of all demographics and generations within an area. The goal is community transformation.

The Community:
The Renuevos program serves children living in the largest slum in Central America. The slum (a city dump 1.4 square miles in diameter) is home to around 40,000 people. Half of the people living in the slum are children. An appalling 90 percent of children will experience child abuse by their 12th birthday. Most of the people living here do so because of unemployment and limited educational opportunities.

The CTC:
The Renuevos facility is the only green space within the slum. It provides a place for children to play sports and engage in recreational and educational programs. Children’s programs and tutors offer children and teenagers a remedial education. A vocational program is also offered that teaches skills such as baking, computers, sewing, and carpentry. This CTC also offers young mothers a nursery program that allows them to care for their children as they attend school. Counseling is also offered through the CTC to the children and youth.

The Need:
It costs $54,870 to run this CTC annually. Included in the annual costs are tools, materials, and salaries for the vocational training programs, maintenance of the facilities, and finances for a feeding program.

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