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TIRRASES — Costa Rica
Christ For the City International (CFCI) works in 16 nations, with more than 500 workers bringing the transforming love of Jesus Christ through a huge variety of ministries. CFCI has been operating Community Transformation Centers (CTCs) for over 20 years. CTCs are specific buildings or centralized locations out of which a number of ministries and activities are operated. These CTCs meet the needs of all demographics and generations within an area. The goal is community transformation.

The Community:
Around 16,000 people call the 0.73 square mile space of Tirrases home. This community is home to struggling single mothers and their children, the majority of whom have experienced severe emotional and physical abuse.

The CTC:
This expanding CTC currently meets the needs of the community through children’s Bible studies, academic assistance, taekwondo classes, youth programs, women’s ministry, and gang outreach.

The Need:
It costs $9,191 to run this CTC annually. Included in the annual cost are programs and materials for 100 children, 40 youth, 60 women, and 6 elderly individuals per week. Each week 140 meals are served to children and women in need.

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