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Inste Bible College (also known as INSTE) is based on a radical idea—that training for ministry can be both excellent, affordable. Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated by our accreditation by the premier distance accrediting association in the United States: the Distance Education and Training Association. Our commitment to affordability is shown by our firm belief that no one should have to go in debt to follow God’s call to ministry.

A degree at Inste Bible College costs less than $7,000! That’s because a student pays only $254 per course. However, of our 228 students this past year, only 11 where studying in the degree program. The rest were enrolled in the diploma program which requires essentially the same student services. The diploma student paid $194 per course (English speakers), and Spanish speakers $143 per course. However, the median cost of servicing each course was $263.

So why not raise our prices? Simply because of our commitment to affordability. We require payment upfront for a course, which for many students, limits the number of courses they can take. Even though our prices are extremely low in comparison to other institutions, students frequently ask us about available scholarships, which, indeed, are scant. In the case of the 34% of the student body studying in Spanish, the lower price has greatly benefited that sector of our student body; but the shortfall must be covered.

In the past five years, the average per course cost not covered by tuition and fees was $68. Our challenge is to recruit interested individuals and churches who will consider sponsoring one or more students who are preparing for ministry.
We invite you to consider:

  • sponsoring a number of courses at $68 per course or 
  • sponsoring a student for a year. For example, a gift of $30 a month would sponsor a student for a year!

Gifts will be placed in the Timothy Fund to cover the costs not covered by tuition and fees. Thank you for partnering with Inste Bible College as we prepare leaders for the harvest field.