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Welcome to Transformation Central!

New Hope Christian College is a community of Christ-followers dedicated to experiencing “the transformation into Christ’s image from glory to glory by the Spirit (see 2 Corinthians 3:18).” We take transformation seriously. Our academic programs will transform you into confident leaders in business, the creative arts, Christian counseling and church ministry. Each program combines a deep perspective of theory with dynamic practical experience. While you are learning, you will visit with business leaders, perform with leading musicians, and minister in model churches. This dynamic combination will transform both your understanding and level of skill.

We believe transformation begins in the inner person. Our Ignite program will lead you into a serious engagement with God’s word so that you are exposed to the life-changing impact of God’s truth. Chapel services and class experiences will prompt you to cooperate with the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.

At New Hope, we often use the phrases “redeeming the arts” and “redeeming technology.” Redemption transforms the ordinary aspects of life into windows into the eternal. You will develop a pattern of redemption which transforms technology, music and literature into tools that help people discover God’s truth.

Are you ready to launch into a process of change and to become a world-changer? Then join us at New Hope Christian College! Blessings!

Connect With New Hope Christian College:

Twitter: @newhopecollege