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support Hope for Haiti

Haiti has been confronted with many difficulties and hardships. This year the president was assassinated, and then country was hit with a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. On top of that the country has a debilitating infrastructure and economy, which is why the Haitian people continue to face so many crises.

Haiti is Global Mission’s newest Open Bible work, and we want to impact the nation for Christ by building a new orphanage for 50 children, an elementary school for 300 children in first through seventh grades, and a medical clinic that will serve hundreds of children and youth who have no other way to receive any type of medical care or treatment for common illnesses and injuries requiring medication.

We are confident that these efforts will help reach many children and adults with the Gospel of Christ and help meet their basic needs, such as education, food, and shelter. At a later date we plan to establish a church on the property.

Join our Hope for Haiti team through your giving and save hundreds of children from malnutrition, lack of health care, and poverty. The children’s families and communities will also be impacted as we spread the Gospel through our teaching as we demonstrate it in tangible ways.