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In November of 2016, the Church Planters Academy of Ghana was launched as an experimental and innovative concept in planting churches – call it a thirty-day boot camp for prospective church planters and leaders. The goal was to train twelve mature, dedicated Ghanaian believers to plant six new churches. Each week they were taught one of four Dynamics: Leadership, Pastoral, Evangelism, and Planting Techniques & Strategies. Every recruit had to be able to live on campus for one month. This required them to leave their jobs and homes and devote themselves entirely to being trained in the techniques and strategies of church planting. As of the spring of 2019, 11 new churches have been planted, with more on the way. Many people have come to faith in Christ.

Your donation to the Church Planters Academy of Ghana will help fund future students. Approximately $21,000 is needed to support six church planting teams.