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Christmas in Cambodia

At the Lifesong Learning center in Cambodia, they celebrate Christmas every year with over 1000 school children and children in the villages in the surrounding areas.  The center provides the children with school uniforms, school supplies, and a sack of meals. Adults and the governing authorities of local villages are also invited. This is a great opportunity for the word of God and His love to be shared with everyone in attendance.

The Lifesong Learning Center is located far away from bigger cities and the people that live near by don't know much about Christmas except what is seen on the news or TV programs. Because of your support, the real reason for Christmas, celebrating the birth of Jesus, is being taught and the Cambodian people are receiving the gift of God's love that they have been waiting for all year.

Ly and Sarin Mak say,

"We are so blessed to have our brothers and sisters in Christ who are partnering with us so the name of the Lord will be heard by all Cambodian people and their souls will be saved."