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Greetings! Pastors, Churches, Friends and Family!

Quick update on our trip to Kenya:

  1. We are taking a team of future missionaries for hands on ministry and training to Kenya for approximately six weeks
  2. We will be training local Pastors in: Discipleship; Evangelism and Missions along with training for Youth, children and women's ministries.
  3. We will be helping establish a Bible College/Ministerial Training program for Open Bible in Kenya.
  4. We will be encouraging the people of Kenya with basic needs of food, clothing and discipleship materials.

Praise the Lord! We have raised enough for our basic airfare and room and board!


Additional monies are needed for:

  • Food Boxes: $18 U.S. each
  • Bibles: $10.00 each
  • Gifts to bless Pastors and Wives (Amount and gift to be determined)