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Discover Sirvani Retreat Center

Linda and Ron Wilson ministered to the churches in and around Coimbatore, India for over 25 years. Many churches were constructed under their leadership, as well as orphanages and group homes for orphaned or discarded girls and boys living on the streets. Scooters are provided to Pastors, and street feeding programs are ongoing. The newest and fastest growing ministry is the Soccer club begun in Ron's honor.

After Ron’s passing, Linda has carried on the work and partnership with the family of John and Anna Paul, Open Bible’s National Field Directors in the Tamil Nadu region in southern India. One of the daughters, Priya Paul, runs a bakery that Linda conceived as a way for the ministry to sustain itself. It is now established and is contributing to the ministry.

The Lord gave Priya and Linda the vision for Sirvani Retreat Center. The Hindu government does not allow anyone to build Christian churches in the Tamil Nadu state at this time, and so Linda and Priya are building a retreat where all Christians can gather to work, pray, and rejoice in this beautiful piece of land that has been waiting for more than 30 years for God to reveal its purpose. 

The unfinished Sirvani Retreat Center is already serving as a gathering place for regional events, as well as farming, a recently completed home for boys, and a place for newly formed youth soccer teams to practice and play their matches.

Their vision is to build a community where people can work and stay while attending conferences, camps, weddings, and other events.