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Parousia Open Bible Church

Pastors Rolando and Rubi Coronado are Open Bible pastors in the city of Tijuana, Mexico. They started the Parousia Open Bible Church 15 years ago. For the first ten years of ministry, they rented a space in El Lago, Tijuana, to have church services. The rent for that space increased so much in 2018 that they decided to look for another location for the church.

There they started reaching out to the new community by handing out bags of groceries, telling people about the Lord Jesus Christ, and praying with the people about their troubles. Over time, people in the community began to attend church services and turn to them for counseling and the church became a safe place for people in the community and their children.

The owner of the property they currently rent is the widow of the pastor who built this structure years ago as a house of God. She is getting older and would like to sell us the church property. Pastors Rolando and Rubi know that a permanent home is what God desires for the Parousia Open Bible Church and Faith Community Center.

The owner is willing to sell them the church property for $70,000. With government and attorney fees and other unforeseen expenses, they will need approximately $85,000 to be able to purchase this property freely and clearly. This church is in an underserved area and people can't afford to tithe much. We need your help to make this dream come true. We already have $10,000 donated as seed money to begin purchasing this church.
Would you and your church be willing to help us realize this dream? As many have said in the past, it would only take seven more churches giving $10,000 each, 14 giving $5,000, or 70 churches giving $1,000. A gift donation of any size would be greatly appreciated, not only by Pastors Rolando and Rubi and their congregation, but also by an entire community of children who are reached with love, support, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Would you prayerfully consider joining us on this journey, not only in prayer, but in a financial contribution?