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 Meet the Welches

Drew and Jessica Welch and their family are answering the call to rebuild Liberia. A country that was once thriving is now in a period of recovery after facing years of coups, civil wars, and corruption. The Welches aim to secure the foundation of the ministry taking place in Liberia and expand the Kingdom for God's glory.

The Open Bible work in Liberia needs the Welches’ help. In 1981 the last of the former Open Bible missionaries left Liberia as the church there had become nationalized. Unfortunately for the next 24 years the people in Liberia suffered through many coups and two civil wars. It is estimated that more than 200,000 Liberians were killed and 1.5 million were forced to flee their homes. The infrastructure in Liberia was virtually destroyed, leaving many of our churches and school buildings burned to the ground. The church is still struggling to achieve its pre-war status.

For 14 years Liberia lacked any kind of educational system, which has created an entire generation of illiterate people. One of the ministries the Welches will provide is creating programs in Open Bible churches for reading and writing. Additionally, they will help raise funds to repair and construct churches in Liberia.

Local pastors have not been adequately trained. Many have not graduated from high school and have little theological and Biblical training. Global Missions will initiate INSTE and offer self-help projects so our Open Bible pastors and leaders can support themselves. Drew and Jessica will assist Global Missions with these projects.

Email: welch@openbible.org
eNewsletter Sign-Up Form: http://eepurl.com/cMoLWX
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/welchfamilyministry/

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