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Learn about Center Church 

Kelly and Brandi Armstrong pastor Center Church in Spokane, WA.

At Center Church they are all about 1 primary mission: Helping People Know Jesus.  This is the end objective of everything they do because they have seen and experienced that a relationship with Jesus is the gateway to every good thing that God wants to do in our lives.

Center Church believes that they are uniquely wired to fulfill this mission by strengthening families; "given" and "chosen" families.  Some family we're born into and other, unofficial families, are the people we choose to share community with.  Either way, our close friends and families are the most inflential people in our lives.  At Center Church, encouraging and equipping each other to strengthen the family is one primary way they are Helping People Know Jesus.

They meet in a school on purpose.   Because that's one place the families of their community spend their time.  Their kids grow up there, their neighborhoods gather there and educators invest their careers there.  They want to be a blessing to their local community by being "givers," not "takers" in the context of local schools.