Tom & Sherry Moore (Guinea)



The Moores were appointed to Guinea, West Africa, in 1986. The country had been closed to western influence and missionaries for almost 20 years. As former missionary children, Tom and Sherry had lived in Guinea and Liberia, respectively, and were prepared for this unique ministry. The Moores have been involved in successful church planting and training national pastors and leadership in this mostly Muslim country. The Moores have broadened their scope of ministry to include occasional pastoral and women’s seminars in other African nations where Open Bible ministers. Continued below...

Having grown up in Africa (Tom in Guinea, and Sherry in Liberia), we had a call to return to Guinea and continue working among the Muslim people. God allowed us to do so in 1987, as Open Bible missionaries to the Republic of Guinea, West Africa.

We started using the JESUS film and evangelizing in the Baga tribal villages, along the northern coast of Guinea. As young men expressed a desire to follow Jesus, we sent them to Bible school for training. When they returned, we helped them settle in villages where there were no other Protestant churches to begin a church.

Over the years we have continued to work with the pastors, encouraging them, training them in accountability, and helping set up self-help projects to help the national church. Most of those who accepted Christ during our first evangelistic efforts were first generation Christians. Twenty years later we now have some second and a few third generation Christians.

Our goal has always been to establish a national church that could stand alone if we had to leave the country unexpectedly (as did our parents many years ago).

We also work hard in establishing relationships with the Muslim people in the community. These relationships open the door to sharing the Gospel with them, especially in times of great need.

 Our purpose and vision is to win souls to Jesus by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and by establishing churches and training national pastors to reach the people of Guinea. This includes the development of leadership skills and accountability with the national church members and pastors and expanding theological education through the use of INSTE.