Relationships in Open Bible Churches

Open Bible Churches continually endeavors to find a balance of accountability without undue control in its relationship with affiliated churches and credentialed ministers. We believe in accountability; every leader and institution needs that. We believe in strong and responsible leadership that must answer to someone else. We also believe in freedom of ministers and churches to discover vision and create ministries that most effectively reach their communities.

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Many facets of Open Bible’s mission and values are led by five regions: Central, East, Mountain Plains, Pacific, and Southeast. Each region, attuned to the cultures that it serves, pursues fulfillment of Open Bible’s mission. Regions lead church planting in Open Bible Churches. Relationships with ministers are fostered and nurtured through regional events, systems, resources, and networking through districts that exist in all regions. Coaching is provided to help ministers grow as leaders. Applications for ministerial credentials are received, processed, and submitted with recommendation by regions to Open Bible’s national credentialing body. 

Regions serve churches during leadership transitions and pastor searches. They receive applications for church affiliation and assist churches through that process, making affiliation recommendations to the national approving body. They provide counsel, encouragement, resources, and assistance if there are church conflicts or other matters that require wisdom and help from outside the church. They offer coaching to help churches grow in fruitfulness and outreach. Regions are available so that no affiliated church or credentialed minister should feel alone in time of need.

Bruce Pfadenhauer


Bruce Pfadenhauer serves as the Regional Executive Director for the Central Region of Open Bible Churches, which covers a nine-state area. He served as a senior pastor for over 26 years before coming to lead the central region in 2010. Bruce has served Open Bible Churches in various leadership capacities including Global Missions board, District Director, Regional Board member, National Board member, and currently as Vice President. He is a certified coach who is passionate about developing leaders and healthy churches. He and his wife, Robin, are partners together in marriage and ministry. They have two adult children, one grandson, and reside in the Des Moines, IA area.