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Meet the Juntunens

Mike and Nancy Juntunen are Open Bible missionaries in Romania. They work with the pastor of the Open Bible church in Gherla to establish INSTE groups, identify and train leaders in the church, develop ministries for outreach into the community, and create strategies for planting churches in nearby cities." 

In 2007 Mike and Nancy were appointed by the Department of Global Missions to be the directors of INSTE in the Hungarian language. They lived in Debrecen, Hungary, and oversaw INSTE groups studying in the Hungarian language in Hungary, Ukraine, and Holland. During the couple's time in Hungary, they traveled to Gherla, Romania, several times to help and encourage the church there.

In April of 2018 a new Hungarian INSTE director, Vince Varga, was inaugurated at the annual INSTE conference.  Mike shared, "Our job is now complete in Hungary but our work in Eastern Europe is not done. We are now ministering in the Open Bible church in Gherla, Romania."

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Email: juntunens@openbible.org

Twitter: @mnjuntunen