2020-2021 MVP Campaign

Dear Pastor and MVP Coordinator

I am excited about our 2020-21 Mission Venture Plan theme, Breaking Down the Walls! Before leaving earth, Jesus told His followers that the Holy Spirit’s power would enable them to be His witnesses throughout the entire world, and they eagerly set out to fulfill that mission (Acts 1:8). Today the goal of finishing that mission is within our reach. No walls – not our failures, nor our inabilities, nor limited resources, nor viruses, nor racism, nor our church buildings will hold us back. We are breaking down walls to reach our communities, our cities, our nation, and our world. No limits!

Nothing leads itself. Thank you for taking the lead to champion MVP. It is through MVP that Open Bible churches join together to minister around the world. We know you are not limited to MVP in your giving. Your church vision runs in several directions. However, recipient ministries and ministers of MVP contributions are dependent upon Open Bible churches for their support. Other organizations and ministries look in a variety of directions for support, but our Open Bible church planters, missionaries, and other MVP ministries depend on the support of Open Bible churches. They are family. We are family. May the Lord bless as you help to empower family members to minister on our behalf around the world.

MVP Resources

Poster - 11x17 (download)

Screen Slides (download)

Bulletin Inserts (download)

Order form for FAITH ACTIVATION CARDS (download)

(choose to customize your card and upload your church logo here)

Faith Activation EXPLANATION VIDEO (download)

Beyond our Walls BUMPER VIDEO (download)




If you have not yet set your Vision25 goals please do so, and be sure to include MVP in those goals. (The Vision25 challenge is for each church to set goals in five different areas, including MVP, for growth beyond that of their most recent tracking report.)