basic License

The Basic Ministerial License is an entry level ministerial license with Open Bible Churches, a beginning point in achieving competencies that are instrumental to effective and fruitful ministerial leadership. All course requirements can be completed online.

Competency Requirements Courses
Bible Knowledge & Interpretation
Spiritual Formation Certificate in Spiritual Growth
Inste Global Bible College (IGBC)
Theological Alignment Doctrinal Exam
Missional Passion Certificate in Practical Christian Living
Open Bible Orientation New Minister Orientation
(Video Instruction)
Leadership Skills Custom-prescribed
Communication Skills Custom-prescribed
Personalized Training


Substantial ministry experience and seasoning that demonstrate competencies in Spiritual Formation & Missional Passion and ministry or other leadership experience that demonstrate competencies in Leadership Skills and Communication Skills can be considered in lieu of some studies. Ministry and other leadership experience should be significant (3 years, or more), fruitful, and relevant to ministry in order to be applied toward an Open Bible ministerial credential in lieu of courses. Consideration of ministry experience must be the result of a validation of demonstrated competencies, not merely an accumulation of years. A Basic Ministerial License is renewed annually, subject to continued faithfulness to requirements.

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