Dr. Duane “Chip” Anderson

President of Christ For the City International

As CFCI president, Chip is the mission's spiritual leader, chief executive, and spokesman of its vision.

Christ For the City International

Christ For the City International (CFCI) has more than 20 years of experience providing churches, teams, and individual Christians with the greatest of all adventures: customized Missions Trips and Child Sponsorship opportunities that transform lives and cities for the glory of God.

CFCI works in 16 nations, with more than 500 workers bringing the transforming love of Jesus Christ through a huge variety of ministries. They provide teams and individuals with a wide variety of experiences and opportunities to explore their calling and discover how and where God is calling them.

One of these opportunities is through Community Transformation Centers (CTCs). CTCs are specific buildings or centralized locations out of which a number of ministries and activities are operated. The goal is community transformation.

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In keeping with CFCIs vision and mission, these CTCs are holistic in functioning, meeting the needs of all demographics and generations within an area.

As the specific needs of each location are different, each CTC hosts different ministries and projects; however, most include children's and youth ministry, feeding programs, women’s and men’s groups, pastoral and vocational training, Bible clubs, and English classes.

CFCI provides churches, families, individuals, and small groups the amazing opportunity to partner with CTCs long term (3-5 years) in order to make a lasting investment within a community and witness change and transformation over time.

In general, these partnerships require two action steps of sponsoring groups or individuals:

  1. A monthly financial commitment toward ministry building costs, operating expenses, and development.

  2. The sending of regular teams/trips on a yearly or bi-yearly basis.
The goal of these partnerships is a “best of both worlds” scenario, where community needs are met and partners have the joy of making a lasting difference by building long-term relationships.