California Fires (Convoy of Hope)


2 trucks have arrived in California for the Redding fires, they arrived on 7/31. Supplies will be going to multiple partner Churches including Bethel Church Redding, and distributed to affected families.

8/2/18 Update:

The Carr Fire has blazed its way through California for a week now, burning nearly 100,000 acres and taking six precious lives. Already, it's become one of the Top 10 Most Destructive California Wildfires. But thankfully, because of Pastors and leaders across the country, our Disaster Services team was ready to respond. Tractor-trailer trucks loaded with 80,000 pounds of food, water and emergency supplies have arrived in Redding, California as I write this, and more on the way. Our response will continue to grow over the next several days. Supplies will be distributed to affected families and victims through our partner Churches and a host of volunteers in Redding. Thank you for praying and thank you for caring.