Fight Human Trafficking

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“A 13-year-old girls crouches in a dark corner on the dusty floor – hair dirty and tangled, eyes hollow and lifeless. The scent of a hundred men clings to her small frame. The look on her face: not “Please help me,” but “I am doomed forever.”*

143 years after the Emancipation Proclamation in the United States and 60 years after the United Nations passed a declaration banning slavery worldwide, more people are enslaved than at any time in human history – more than were seized from Africa in four centuries of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Today’s global slave count is over 27 million. In the past, slavery was about owning people. Today’s slavery is concerned with enormous profits; human lives are viewed as disposable commodities, frequently in the form of forced prostitution. The average age of entry into street prostitution is between 12 and 14 years old. Many are younger.

We cannot allow God’s children to be treated so inhumanely. Only the enemy himself – who comes to steal, kill, and destroy – could twist God’s gift of sexual intimacy into something so evil. We must raise awareness of this issue; we must eliminate demand; and we must minister to victims.

You may partner with Open Bible Churches in fighting human trafficking. Open Bible Churches will direct your “Fight Human Trafficking” contributions to agencies on the forefront of the battle to save children from this evil and minister to those who have been ensnared.

*Linda Smith. From Congress to the Brothel. Vancouver, WA: Shared hope International, 2007.