Church Planting Endowment Fund

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The Open Bible Church Planting Endowment underwrites grants to affiliated, Open Bible church plants. What makes this endowment fund so special is that it began as the vision of a 74-year-old grandmother, Marcy Kopp, who had grandchildren with a passion for church planting. Their passion fueled Marcy’s desire to aid not just her grandchildren but all Open Bible church planters. Marcy was neither rich nor famous. She did not have a ready pool of money to contribute to accomplish her goal, but she knew a woman who created unique, musical dolls. Marcy bought those dolls from their creator and sold them for a small profit, accumulating all her proceeds and donating them to Open Bible Churches as a seed to begin a church planting endowment. I’d like to tell you she raised a million dollars, but she didn’t. In the eyes of the world she raised a very small amount.
Still the vision and determination of this one woman ignited a spark in the members of the Open Bible national board, who determined to add enough to Marcy’s original donation to reach $100,000. That $100,000 has been set aside to underwrite Marcy’s vision. Marcy Kopp did what she could, and it has resulted in a legacy of resources for church planters that will live on through the ages. Why not join her with a donation of your own?