Hispanic Ministries

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Jesus told us to go and make disciples of all nations. Today that may only mean crossing the street, since the nations have come to us. In the United States there over 50.5 million Hispanic people, over 16% of this country’s population, and that number is growing daily. Each person represents a soul needing to know Jesus. To ignore such a large people group among us would be tragic. Recognizing both the need and the potential, Open Bible Churches has had a Hispanic ministry since 1977 reaching out to the people from Spanish speaking countries who have come to this country. Cuban immigrants battered and torn by Castro’s takeover of their country, Central Americans and Mexicans fleeing poverty, corruption, and political uncertainty come to this country for a better life.
The truth is there is no “better life” than a life in which Jesus Christ is at the center. There is no better way to reach Hispanic peoples than through culturally relevant ministries. Open Bible has 25 Hispanic churches from Florida to California, from New York City to Sioux City, Iowa, from Chicago to Keizer, Oregon but the vision is so much larger. You can be a part of fulfilling the “Great Commission” by donating to help our Hispanic Ministries accomplish its goal of winning souls and making disciples in America’s vast and diverse Hispanic community.