Okon Obot (Nigeria - National Missionary)

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Okon Obot, a native Nigerian, attended Open Bible’s Florida Beacon College in Largo, Florida. After graduation he was granted National Missionary Appointment and returned home in September of 1989 to pioneer an Open Bible church. There are now 25 Open Bible churches in Nigeria, with over 1,200 members. INSTE was launched in 1998. INSTE Level Two is scheduled to begin soon. More below...

Our God still performs miracles. Just ask Okon Obot, Open Bible Field Director for the troubled African country of Nigeria. Okon Obot reported that an elder in one of his churches in Nigeria suddenly “died.” After the gentleman lay in the morgue for three hours, his wife discovered his eyes were blinking. Elder Monday now testifies of God’s miraculous healing.
Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, is composed of more than 250 ethnic groups. The following are the most populous and politically influential: Hausa and Fulani, 29%; Yoruba, 21%; Igbo (Ibo), 18%; Ijaw, 10%; Kanuri, 4%; Ibibio, 3.5%; and Tiv, 2.5%
Open Bible’s primary ministry thrust in Nigeria is evangelistic campaigns. Many churches have been established as a result. The growth and dynamic nature of the church, in spite of the negative economic and political stresses, is cause for much praise. Okon Obot serves as the field director and president of Open Bible Churches in Nigeria. Won’t you support Okon Obot as our national missionary to Nigeria and provide hope for many others who need a miracle – who need the Good News of Jesus Christ?