David Yua (Taiwan - National Missionary)

David & Christina Yua (Taiwan) 1-4011-002-57


Asia is one of the hotspots for dynamic church growth and revival. Taiwan, strategically located in the heart of Asia, has easy access to both China and Southeast Asia. The church in Taiwan is growing and experiencing a powerful move of God. This burst of growth has made it necessary to find a good discipleship and leadership training program to raise up qualified church leaders.

INSTE Level One has been translated into Chinese, with students now in Taiwan and China. INSTE Level Two is in the process of being translated and pilot groups are perfecting the first editions. For this ministry to be successful and properly established, its leadership needs someone who knows the language, culture, and ministry in Taiwan. David Yua and his late wife, Christina, founded the Chinese Open Bible Church in Rosemead, California. They also were the pioneers who helped establish the Open Bible work in Taiwan using their well-developed network of contacts and long-term relationships with independent ministries there.