Ron & Linda Wilson (At Large)

Ron & Linda Wilson (At Large)


Our hearts were broken to realize there are so many destitute children in the world – children abandoned by friends and family. In 1998 God opened a door which allowed us to serve as Missionary Ambassadors. We travel to India, Uganda, and Cuba from our home base in Des Moines, Iowa. Our work has been generously supported by Open Bible Churches and members for all these years. This has allowed us to build both churches and orphanages. We have built 115 churches; more are under construction. There are 15 orphanages in southern India, 4 in Uganda, and several feeding kitchens in Cuba. Ongoing monthly support for these projects is part of our mission. In India, our goal is to dig a freshwater well with each church we build. We have dug 51 wells so far. Each church can then be used for a community center and a source of free water for villagers. Each church can then be used for a community center and a source of free water for villagers. Contaminated water is one of the biggest problems facing rural communities in India, so this act of generosity by Indian Christians makes for effective outreach.

In both India and Uganda, the orphanages provide both physical and spiritual support for many “throw away” and destitute children. When we are able, we supply cows, goats, and chickens. This provides food as well as a small income from the excess milk and eggs.

In India, contributed funds made possible the start-up of a commercial bakery, which will eventually provide employment and income.

 All of our projects are used as evangelistic tools to lead people to Christ. When we build permanent buildings, provide water, food, and shelter for the orphan and destitute, we are showing Christ’s hand extended and His heart revealed.

 It is our goal to continue the work of the Great Commission and bring the Gospel to as many people as possible by aiding the pastors and members of the churches in India, Africa, and Cuba.

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