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Peru is the second poorest country of South America. Sadly, the poverty level affects a large segment of the population. Many children eat just one meal a day and often have to forage for food. Our churches in Peru have a vibrant program that feeds many children every day. Please partner with us, so we can show the love of Christ and reach out to these children and their families. More below...

Peru is a developing country with a market-oriented economy; per capita income is estimated by the International Monetary Fund at $5,195 (U.S.). Historically, the country's economic performance has been tied to exports, which provide hard currency to finance imports and external debt payments.

The Open Bible work in Peru stared in 1983 and now includes seven churches and a membership of 300. The headquarters church in Esperanza is pastored by Maria Mestanza, the field director. The MOVE (Men of Vision Evangelize) team visited Peru in 1996 to build the church in Trujillo. The newest church was established in Lima, the capital city, by Jorge Martinez, who came from Cuba.

 The Open Bible feeding kitchen feeds and minsters to many children caught in this poverty crisis. Please help the churches show Christ’s love in this way.