Cambodia Children's Project

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Lifesong Open Bible Church, an Asian Open Bible congregation in Des Moines, Iowa, started a project several years ago to provide a new school building in the Tamada Village of the Takeo Province of Cambodia. Global Missions is joining together with the Lifesong Church to fund this important outreach which is targeting 250-300 families.

Since its launch, the number of students enrolled in the Tamada Village school has grown from 70 to 250, serving grades preschool to six. Right now the school has four teachers. At school, the children not only learn to read and write, they also have the opportunity to learn about God and who Jesus is through the Bible study which held every day at the school and is attended by children and adults. This has become an effective tool for evangelizing the local families. Eighty students and five adults received Christ and were baptized in water.
The people in the village of Tamada had one well; however it wasn’t deep enough and it was constantly running out of water. The people of the village would collect as much rain water as they could during the rainy season. If they ran out of water, they would use water from the ponds they could find or walk great distances just to find a water source. Because of a generous designated contribution, International Ministries was able to provide the funds last year to dig a well and build a water tower. This will attract hundreds of nearby families who need a freshwater supply.
Due to the ministry’s tremendous growth, the existing building is not large enough to meet the needs of the children. The building can only hold a maximum of 70 students and they now have over three times that number enrolled. A small property was purchased where a new school building is being built. The goal is to build a new school building with five classrooms, a chapel, and a place for the school director to live. The construction of the school will cost thousands of dollars. You can help this school become a reality for hundreds of children in this village in Cambodia.
Another ministry goal of the work in Cambodia is to bring people from Laos to train in Cambodia and then send them back to Laos to start new works there. This is a wonderful example of ethnic groups here in the U.S. reaching out to their own cultures abroad. Together we are evangelizing, discipling, and planting churches. Your contribution will make a difference!