Videographer Ministry


The idea is simple; send videographers around the world, and US, to help tell the story of what God is doing through Open Bible Churches.

To do this, we need a couple things: Videographers and financial support.

By financially supporting this fund, you are sending videographers to tell our stories (see video below). You also help us creatively “up our game” with equipment and technology to make the highest quality videos. Please consider making this part of your MVP vision, so we can send more videographers to more places around the world.

We are looking for videographers who love the challenge of capturing the story. While we want to find the best caliber videographers we can, there is room for varying levels of professional video. In fact, we hope to send the less experienced videographers on trips with more experienced videographers. Like everything we do in Open Bible, we want to make disciples and develop leaders. Our videography ministry will be no different. Not just Global, but local as well: We hope to expand our team so we have several quality videographers in each of the 5 Open Bible regions. This will allow us to send them to church plants, or film an interview with a person several states away from us in Des Moines, IA. Things are going on in Open Bible churches around the country that we want to tell everyone about! This fund would help us cover travel costs for the videographer. If you, or someone you know, is interested in becoming an Open Bible videographer, you can check out the ministry requirements, and email your online portfolio to