From the battlefields of Iraq and other sites in harm’s way, to prisons, to emergency services departments, to hospitals, to job sites and beyond, Open Bible chaplains serve in a variety of settings. The chaplain's calling is unique – one that brings Jesus’ message of hope far beyond the walls of the institutional church. For more information about Open Bible's Chaplains, please contact: 

CH (COL) Terry Meek, USA (Ret)

PH# (678) 551-4516

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Chaplain Ministry

Chaplain Ministry


Who rides along with a police officer to deliver the devastating news a child or a spouse has been killed in an accident? Who stands beside a hospital bed with a family as a loved one lies ill or injured? Who ministers to a platoon of men and women after one or two or three or more of its members have been killed in action? The answer to each question is the same: a chaplain. No matter the type of chaplain, the man or woman who wears this badge of courage continually stands at the edge of disaster and ministers to those who are hurting, frightened, angry, devastated, broken.